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PUR Hot Melt Adhesive is a special hot melt adhesive

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PUR Hot Melt Adhesive is a special hot melt adhesive, which is called Polyurethane Reactive or reactive PU hot melt. The adhesion and elastic of PUR hot melt adhesive can be adjusted. PUR hot melt adhesive has the best bonding strength, Temperature Resistance, chemical resistance and ageing resistance.
But PUR hot melt adhesive reacts/ hardens immediately when it is exposed to air and humidity. When using PUR hot melt adhesive in a normal melting tank it would already starting to react. So when you want to use this type of hot melt adhesive you would have to use a special glue tank which shields/protects the liquid glue from air/oxygen and humidity. The special glue tank is just the drum melter. It is called platen type hot melt tank.
The heating part of drum melter is aluminium alloy heating plate. When the drum melter is working, the heating plate will be pressed into the glue barrel from up to down. The heating plate will put on top of PUR glue. When the heating plate is heating, only the top layer of glue will touch with the heating plate and be melting. The other PUR glue will not heat. How much PUR glue you need, how much will be melted. So that other glue is not harden because of heating.
In the drum melter, the PUR hot melt adhesive is insulating with the air. There is O type seal round between heating plate with inner side of glue barrel. The melting liquid glue is not touch with the air to make sure the PUR hot melt adhesive can be used.
Drum melter adopts aluminum alloy precision casting, CNC precision machining, The surface of heating plate is treated by dupont teflon deep penetration sintering processing, which has the advantages of high coating strength and it is not easy to fall off. Drum melter is easy to cleaning and prevent the PUR hot melt adhesive to become hard. Drum melter make sure the quality of PUR hot melt adhesive and reduce to block glue hose.
PUR Hot Melt Adhesive is a special hot melt adhesive
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